Dr. Urschel’s new book: HEALING THE ADDICTED BRAIN

My new book, Healing the Addicted Brain offers a comprehensive look at a new understanding of alcohol/drug addiction and its treatment. The book’s primary purpose is to provide accurate, scientifically excellent information about alcohol and drug addiction treatment in order to For More Info or to Purchaseinspire hope in the reader.  This optimism about addiction treatment will stem from a new understanding of the nature of addiction plus novel medicines that finally allow addicts to control cravings and fix the physical brain injury caused by addiction. The “secret sauce” in this book is science. As I take you through each of the major topics you need to understand and apply to your or a loved one’s recovery program, I will inject the latest scientific research into my discussions. The National Institutes of Health spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year looking for new methods and medications to treat addiction. Unfortunately, the findings from this research rarely find their way into clinical addiction treatment programs. My goal is to change that, immediately and forever. The latest and best research findings on heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic diseases are regularly and rapidly translated into improved clinical practice; it’s time for that practice to happen in addiction treatment as well.

Healing the Addicted Brain is a self help book- it is not treatment, rather it presents the information that you or your loved one should be learning about any form of addiction treatment. It will guide patients and families how to be smarter consumers of addiction treatments services and teach them how to ask the right questions and insist on the optimal integration of those services for successful recovery.

In the chapters of Healing the Addicted Brain, you’ll learn more about the effects of addiction and the optimal methods for treating it. Space limitations prevent me from going into as much detail about certain topics as I’d like, so I have innovatively linked the book to www.enterhealth.com, where you’ll find in-depth explanations of many of the topics covered in this book, as well as printable worksheets that will help you put the book’s principles into practice. So by accessing the website, you can customize the information in this book to your own situation – a very powerful tool for recovery. Then, Enterhealth’s Life Care program can show you how to apply these concepts to your lifelong recovery process.

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